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                We here at Davis Advanced Technologies, Inc hope each of you had a Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year! We are looking forward to another year of serving our customer’s technical needs and keeping them safe from cybercrimes. If the last year has taught us anything, it is that cybercrime is on the rise. From hacker groups who work together to steal data, to small-time hackers who look to steal your identity and through that your resources for their own enjoyment. Keeping your computers and your data safe has become a critical area of concern for many.

Cyber Crimes

                One of the first things we think about when we think of cybercriminals is the hacking of large companies for ransom. From the oil industry to hospitals, data is a valuable asset to be closely protected.  Cybercriminals look for weaknesses or holes in your system that will allow them access. Malicious emails and phishing scams are an easy source for many cybercriminals.

Spoofed websites or emails can be ways to trick you and collect your personal information to make a hack into your system easier for them. Always be aware of the sites you visit and cautious about following links in emails. Its often best to close the email and go directly to the site in question to ensure you do not follow a malicious link.

Creating Passwords

So how do you make sure you are practicing internet safety? One of the first ways is in your password creation and storage of said passwords. Make sure they are not easy to guess and do not leave them written down next to your computer system. Passwords should be unique to you and should never be shared with others. Longer passwords are best and be sure to always change the factory-set passwords, as these can be found by anyone searching for them online.

Keep passwords decipherable by using numbers for letters and mixing up punction and capitals in unusual ways. An example of this would be if you have a password that you’d like to hide better. Let’s say you want to make your password Jack616, the first thing you do is move the capitalized letter and change some digits around, such as jaCk6ig. You still have the same base password, but now you have made it much harder for someone to stumble on the correct combination and get into your data.

Endpoint Protection

Another way to protect your data is through a comprehensive endpoint protection and/or encryption program such as the Sophos Intercept X Advanced. Sophos offers a line of products that both protect you and set up a defensive perimeter between your data and the cybercriminals looking to steal it. Sophos protections are designed to seek out the dangers before they can become a problem for you.


A good firewall is another great tool for your data safety. There are many good ones available now, Barracuda and SonicWALL are just a couple of the names we have learned to trust and rely on. These firewalls serve as a filtering system for your data and block any unwanted attempts at access to your computer or network. Keeping your firewall up to date and active is an important part of staying protected.

Cyber Security Needs

In today’s cyber world, so much has gone to a digital format and now must be protected as well. From our banking and shopping habits to our personal home finances and college funds, all require a level of protection that just 5 years ago was considered extreme. The internet and computers have taken the world by storm, and now microcomputers are available in a lot of items that we never would have thought of before. From the tablets our kids use to the smart Teddy bear that knows all information entered about your child. These are items that connect to the internet and therefore require a secured network and parental controls to be safe for your child. Never assume the factory settings are safe enough.

The IoT Devices

From the smart refrigerator that can tell when you need to buy milk to the smartwatch that monitors your health and daily activities, all require some level of protection. A way into your data system through one of these devices can be just as troublesome as letting them into your computer. Hackers now can find a path through any IoT device, or a device that connects to the Internet.  So be careful of that child’s new Bluetooth device that can connect to your phone or internet, make sure the device is powered off when not in use. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) may also be a good security option that lets you rest easier for your child’s internet safety, as well as the safety of your data.

How to stay Secure

There are many ways to watch out for your own safety. Do a little bit of research on any new devices and find out what areas may need to be looked at closer or what holes may need to be closed from outside access. If you maintain a lot of personal, financial, or other important data on your computer, then look into a reputable source for your endpoint protection or a firewall to keep your data protected. Encryption is another solid way to keep your data protected from unauthorized access. We are always here at Davis Advanced Technologies, Inc to help you find the solutions you need to keep your business data protected and your systems up to date. Call us today to find the protection your business needs.


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