HIPAA Compliance & Risk Assessments for Healthcare IT Securtiy

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HIPAA IT Compliance

HIPAA Risk Assessments

At Davis AT we are committed to protecting sensitive information, keeping clients connected with their customers, performing prompt updates or repairs, and making sure the network is safe and secure. HIPAA risk assessments allow us to see where your system needs more attention. Protecting sensitive information starts with understanding where that information is kept or stored. Having access control over your company's sensitive data is important to you. Monitoring the data, who has access to the data, and protecting that data from a security breech is a large part of what we do here at Davis AT. This allows access to be granted or taken away depending on the needs at that time. Data should be protected keeping the information confidential, thus protecting the integrity of the information, and finally the information must be available to the correct users when needed. Keeping everyone safe and all your data secure is important to us. The risk assessment allows us to see where your network may need more security and allows us to show you how to better protect your sensitive information.

HIPAA Policy Guidance

One of the main focuses at Davis AT is the HIPAA IT compliance and risk assessment making sure patient’s valuable health information is safe and secure in all forms. HIPAA compliance is mandated by the government and focuses on the identifiable data generated by the healthcare system for patients, or the electronic health records (EHR). Keeping this information secure and private is important to us at Davis AT. Our technicians can guide you through what is needed to keep sensitive data secure. From installation to setup all aspects of your information storage can be evaluated for security purposes and to ensure HIPAA compliance. Our technicians are qualified down to earth people and can explain the plans of action or service in a language you can understand. We offer a wide range of IT support for those inevitable questions that come after an install is complete. At Davis AT we have excellent customer service after the sale to ensure your happiness with the products and keep you coming back when it is time to upgrade.

EHR Support

Protecting patient EHR (electronic health records) is a crucial factor that must be assessed and maintained. It is faster and easier than ever for patient records to be shared among healthcare professionals. At Davis AT we can help keep those records secure on all the office devices, laptops, tablets, phones, and equipment. Today's office devices can communicate with one another like they never have before causing security concerns like never before. This requires better security protocols to protect the sensitive information between and on devices. At Davis AT we take your patients privacy seriously and will do all we can to ensure it. We want to make sure all EHR are available to those who need them when they need them.

Application Support

Cyber security is a problem in today's business world and your security is valuable to us. It is more important than ever to keep secure data from being infiltrated by outside forces. Ransomware, cyber stalkers, and identity theft are all on the rise. We can help your business develop a plan of action to prevent a breech. Having a plan for recovery and storage of sensitive information is crucial in today's world of ransomware and hackers. Davis AT offers a HELP Desk number for answering all questions you may have. You can contact our support staff by email or phone at 936-225-4691. Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm.

HIPAA IT Compliance & Healthcare IT Security in East Texas

As the healthcare industry grows increasingly reliant on digital technologies to render
patient care, investing in IT security has become vital. As other healthcare entities do,
your organization likely electronically manages patient information that falls under the
purview of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

If so, then you must ensure that you are following HIPAA compliance requirements as
they pertain to the use of information technology.

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