No Gadget Gift Ideas

As we get closer to another Christmas holiday season, many of us are struggling to find that perfect gift. As more options are available, it is harder to decide what each person on your shopping list will want. In the past decade, “tech” gifts have become more popular. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, everyone loves a way to stay connected. Those who are like my household now own 3-5 smartphones, several tablets, a laptop, and a gaming system or two. So, what is the next new option for Christmas buying?

            We have all seen the options for home security and even the numerous gadgets that have made life easier for people. Tiles to help find a lost set of keys, smart bulbs that can be programmed for when to light and how to light, and even small robots that will clean your floors while you are at work. Toys that are interactive are always popular with children, and anything that makes an adult’s life easier is always a good bet. The ever-growing popularity of streaming services for movies and TV shows can be a gift that keeps on giving year-round. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus offer viewers lots of watching options that can go where they do.

            Something that many may not have thought of is the many apps that are available now. Apps that can take a treasured family photo and allow you to touch it up and create a portrait worthy picture that you can send straight to print and framing from your phone. Procreate is one such app that allows you to do the modifications before you send it to Keepsake for printing and framing. Allowing users to make a family memory that all can appreciate. Photo printing services are a big thing now and can allow users to get prints each month the keep those memories close and viewable by all in your circle of friends and family.

            Another gift idea is to get a game lover a subscription to their favorite gaming services, such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Now. This is a good gift for those who were not lucky enough to grab a new system while the supplies lasted. It can allow them to use their old system with a new flair until they can get the newer system in stock. Other gaming items that can make good gifts include new wireless controllers, gaming chairs and TVs, and of course the newest multiplayer online games that allow many to join in and play together.

            A gift idea for those who have an older piece of tech they love is to have those treasured items serviced and repaired to allow more time for the user to enjoy the item. Whether this means getting a screen replaced, a keyboard fixed, or even just a memory wipe to make space for new data. Some users just prefer to stick with the items they know how to operate. Keeping older items from the trash heap and making them useable longer is just the thing for some users.

            For those who do want to keep up with the latest trends and gadgets, a computer or another type of digital device class can offer users new ways to use what they have and ideas for newer tech for their future use. For example, let us say “Deborah” is interested in digital photography. Her gift could be a course in digital photography that offers her more on the topic she is interested in. This could also help her learn more about how to take great photos and digitally make touch-ups or use images in marketing-type ads. There are so many different types of classes that focus on different aspects of the same technological gadget. Photography can be about still life, portraits, or even underwater photos. There is a class for every interest.

The first step in good gift buying is knowing the person you are buying for and what interests them. Buying a gift that is what they want is just as important as buying a gift at all. While the perfect gift does not have to be a piece of tech, it can be something that goes well with tech and allows the user more options with the tech they already own. With the slow shipping, this year and the lack of goods on shelves compared to previous years, a tech idea that does not require an expensive gadget is a winner in my book.

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