Thanksgiving and Tech 

As the holiday season is fast approaching, many of us turn to our devices for a multitude of reasons. Technology has now invaded every aspect of our lives and the holidays. Here we will take a quick peek at some of the most popular technological uses for the holiday season. There are many tech gadgets that we have come to rely on in the past, but now more than ever before these tech items are a must instead of a want.  

This year is different than any other we have known with the COVID 19 virus taking its toll on family gatherings and visiting with grandparents and elderly relatives. So how can we keep those loved ones close this holiday? Video chatting has become many family’s lifeline to their loved ones. It allows them to stay connected without endangering the ones they love who may need extra protection right now. While video chatting is growing it is also available thru almost all social media accounts now. Maybe this holiday season we can teach our older loved ones how to use these social media apps and the features on them that keep us close.  

Another great use for technology is in the kitchen itself. From digital thermometers that know when that turkey is done and notify your phone to the multitude of recipe apps that offer recipes from around the world. Keeping the turkey at just the right temperature is critical to a juicy bird on the table. Recipe apps that allow us to look up recipes from the past that we want to try our hand at, like a stuffing that reminds us of Grandma’s or a holiday eggnog that someone told us about. And when it’s time to cut into that beautifully cooked bird, an electric carving knife can make the job simple and quick. My personal carving knife is rechargeable and a blessing every year at making fast work of carving.  

A big hit at all the holidays is the holiday movies, cartoons, and sports that are aired on television. On demand or DVR TV access allows everyone to watch what they want to see, when they want to see it. At the touch of a few buttons’ programs can be recorded for later or cued up for live viewing. On demand access allows family members to find those classic holiday movies they love every year.  

And finally, the absolute best thing about tech at the holidays is all the great shopping you can get done from your PC, phone, or tablet all while sitting at home in your PJ’s. Being able to Black Friday shop from home is the only bright spot Ive found in all this COVID mess this year. Whether I’m at work on my laptop or desktop or at home with a phone or tablet, I can shop anywhere that offers online deals, and have it all shipped straight to my house. Now I will be honest here, I have been an online shopper from way back. Every year making all my purchases from my home and then watching them stack up as the deliveries arrive. So, if you have not tried it, I highly recommend it for this year especially. 

I know tech is not the first thing you normally think of when the holidays come around but remember its good for more than just gift giving. This year tech will keep you safe, connected, and entertained. And who knows, may be tech will teach you a new recipe, make carving the turkey a snap, or even just bring that treasured holiday movie into your home a few more times than it would normally air. Tech is going to be the saving grace of this holiday season. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself and see. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL, from all of us at DAVIS AT!!!!  

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