Security in the Pandemic

Since the pandemic of COVID-19 began, there has been a rapid rise in the number of jobs that can be performed at home. But what does this trend mean for the security of the company’s sensitive information? And how can businesses help keep the information available to the employees who need it and away from the hackers who will exploit it. While in the past large sums were spent on private servers and the tech staff to maintain them. Today new options are available. 

One answer comes up repeatedly are cloud backup solutions, which allow for data storage that allows employees to access all the information they need, while its safely secured in the cloud. At Davis Advanced Technologies we offer some of the best cloud solutions for your business. Barracuda’s new CloudGen access was just announced and offers a cloud storage and a WAN network combined to offer more options for customers and is a first step toward a CloudGen Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service, with many more features coming soon.  

While many people have adapted well to working from home, the data security is still a primary concern for many companies. Cloud servers allow data to be encrypted and stored in a cloud storage system and then accessed only by those with the proper credentials. Companies looking for secure data options are more often turning to cloud storage. Barracuda’s new Cloud Gen WAN is easy to use and is expected to have more updates coming soon. Contact us at Davis Advanced Technologies for more information.  

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