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For many small and medium-sized businesses managed IT services providers may seem an idea that sounds costly and more than they believe they may need. The reality is that small and medium-sized businesses are those who can benefit the most from a managed IT service provider (MSP). The costs of an MSP are negated by the prevention of costly cybersecurity issues or downtime. So, what exactly is an MSP you may ask. An MSP helps protect your companies’ data with endpoint protection, offers data backup systems, help desk solutions, and management of network security.  

In the early days of computing companies did not have IT departments or MSP’s. Most only reacted when something was not working at all. This break/fix method was fine then, but as computers and technology have progressed it has become more imperative that issues be addressed before they cause a full on break down or even a slowdown of systems. An IT department sounds good, until you figure in the costs of hiring and training personnel to keep things running smoothly.  

An MSP can offer solutions that are customizable for your business at a flat fixed monthly rate. Depending on your business’s needs, the MSP can offer basic IT support, consulting, full outsourcing of all It needs, and managed cloud services. Many times, the MSP can remotely get into the system and diagnose and fix issues from their home office. They can also help with new installs and offer everything from designing to the installation of the new system.  

Here at Davis Advanced Technologies, Inc we offer the highest quality MSP at prices that are competitive and affordable for any small or medium business. We focus on technology in the medical field as well as assessments for data breach risk and how to prevent that from happening. Our help desk is available for any problems or questions that may arise, and our technical engineers explain things in a way that is easily understood and can help ensure you get the devices and service that your business needs.  

If you have questions or concerns about the security of your businesses data or just want to find a better way to store and manage your data, please contact us today.  

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