Pandemic and Technology

As we have all begun to feel the normalcy creep back into our daily lives, we find that so many things have transitioned to a virtual world. Things like school and work, as well as doctor’s visits and consultations, just to name a few. Many are helpful to us and we hope those pieces sticks around. However, some are not as helpful and we are ready for changes that bring us back together in a real-life (IRL) environment. So, what changes do we like this way and what are we ready to bring back to IRL? 

I think for many of us the student/teacher relationship is one that we are more than ready to bring back to a person to person setting. Many students are struggling to learn in a virtual environment and these students would benefit from more personal interactions. While online learning was crucial during the height of the pandemic, it is also a tool best used in collaboration with person to person learning versus instead of. For the future there will be a more collaborative effort to infuse these two types of learning and find a cohesive balance that works for all.  

Another vast area for many people around the world is that of the Doctor/patient relationship. Increased numbers doctors are using telemedicine to visit with their patients and requiring fewer and fewer in person visits. This allows the patients to be comfortable in their homes while consulting their doctors on matters that concern them. However, a drawback to this is the lack of opportunity for observation that allows the doctors to notice things they may miss in a short telemedicine visit.  

Online grocery shopping and apps is another virtual world that is growing tremendously during the pandemic and with it is convenience and ease of use it will become a major facet of many people’s lives. It is now possible to shop the stores online and get all your family’s needs without ever leaving your chair. They can be selected for either pickup or delivery in most cases and for many of the more susceptible people this has offered a sense of safety that going in a crowded store of strangers did not. This is one virtual feature that I believe is perfect and will continue to benefit many long after the pandemic is a memory.  

With the vaccine finally here, many people are looking forward to getting back into the world as before this whole pandemic started. So, for the purposed of discussion, what are some areas you have found the virtual environment useful and easier to navigate? What are some areas where you feel the virtual environment is just all wrong for, and why? Computers are the wave of the future and advancements in processing and computing speeds growing every day. There are so many ways to make life easier on those who are seeking that path? I would like to hear from you, our readers what you found useful in technology during this past year, and what frustrated you about it?  

While society may benefit from the virtual world, society also needs its person-to-person connections to build social groups of friends and for families to stay close. Today’s world sees families scattered more than ever before and technology is good to keep us connected. For now, though nothing can truly replace the in real life interactions that people require as social creatures.  

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