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As the Christmas season is fast approaching many of us are scrambling for those perfect last-minute gifts for those that are harder to buy for. So, what is the perfect gift? It can be anything that person wants or needs. For many the perfect gift now included batteries and some type of charger. Technological gifts are more popular than ever, and that trend is only growing year after year. From cell phones and laptops to the newest in virtual reality goggles and home security. Technology has so many gift ideas, there is something for everyone now. Let’s look at some of the most popular technology gifts. 

Today it is more important than ever to stay connected to family and friends. One of the most popular ways to do this in the Pandemic age is through video chatting and messenger services. Facebook has developed it Facebook Portal to allow users to turn their TV’s into a communication device to keep up with family from all over the world. This is a gift that is a must now for families to have socially distant celebrations that allow families to see one another safely during the holiday season.  

Another popular tech gift are virtual reality goggles that allow users to immerse themselves in another world of fantasy for a while. These are very popular among gamers and in my opinion will grow in popularity as a way for people to travel without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. As virtual reality brings us other countries and places there will be more of a demand for these in homes across the globe. Can you imagine being able to explore the highlands of Scotland or the pyramids of Egypt while still in your jammies on the couch.  

For the latest in-home security, many are turning to systems such as Ubiquity, Nest, Ring, or SimpliSafe to keep their homes safe when they are away. These systems allow users to monitor their homes and even to be able to speak to possible intruders when they are detected.  This gives the homeowner peace of mind knowing they an alert authority’s if an unauthorized person is trespassing onto their property. Peace of mind has never been so easy to find when it comes to home security.  

Another popular gift with all generations now is the wireless ear buds that many companies have developed. Apple may have started the trend, but many companies have followed suit and created their own versions. These ear buds offer a freedom from the wires that many of us have craved for years. You are good for years of listening fun with music, books, or podcasts with these tiny wonders of modern technology.   

While there are many more technological gadgets now and I could go on forever. I will end this by saying that whatever your technical needs, there is probably a device or group of devices that is perfect for you. From Lenovo laptopsUbiquity Wi-Fi devices and security options, or security software for those new laptops and PCs with Sophos Firewall or Endpoint, we can help you find the right stuff for your home or office and keep you connected to the technology world like you never knew was possible. Contact us for a quote for your technology needs today.  

From all of us at Davis Advanced Technologies we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!  

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